Never struggle to dress or diaper your child again!

Other wonderful uses for the Upsie Daisy

Play- Kids love to play with them! Stack them, toss them, dunk them in the tub. They are endless fun! They just have a great feel.

Development- The silicone adds texture and grip for little hands. Put them around bottles to help babies learn to feed themselves.

Organization- Wrap them around your favorite snacks, diapers, toys, etc. for easy on the go carrying.

Fun & Fashion- Wear them as bracelets or even a scrunchie in your hair.

Simple, Fast, Safe

Simple - Put child's leg through pant and secure Upsie Daisy around one ankle. Next, use both hands, yes both hands, to place the other leg through the remaining pant hole. Yank those pants up and you are all done! 

Fast - When changing your child's diaper, slip an Upsie Daisy over both ankles.  Your squirmy little one will not be able to tear those pants off.  When you have changed that stinky mess, quickly pull pants up and remove the daisies.  Viola! Upsie Daisy makes diapering a breeze. 

Safe - Made from 100% OECG TG 439 certified skin safe silicone.  Washes with just soap and water.  Stretches easily with durability that will last for years.  Patent Pending Design.  

How the Upsie Daisy was born.

The Upsie Daisy was born from our diapering frustrations. Our son Cole Evan - master of escaping his pants - was the inspiration for this product. We said there has to be an easier way! There is with Upsie Daisy

We use only the best materials and never take shortcuts with our children